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Members of the House failed to act on the marriage bill before the end of the legislative session. We're disappointed, and quite frankly, we're shocked. But this campaign is strong, and in the coming weeks and months, we're only going to grow stronger. Our work isn’t done until all families in our state are valued and protected -- and we will win the freedom to marry in Illinois.

Sign the petition now and tell members of the General Assembly that Illinoisans are more committed than ever to securing marriage for all families in our state:

Members of the House failed to act on legislation that would extend marriage to all loving couples in Illinois. By not voting on SB10, members of the House ignored a strong majority of Illinoisans who support the freedom to marry, and as a result, thousands of Illinois families will continue to be denied the protections that only marriage can provide. We are delayed, but we are not deterred. It's not a matter of if Illinois will secure the freedom to marry - it's a matter of when. And we are committed to doing what it takes in the coming weeks and months to make Illinois a state where no family is denied the dignity they deserve.

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